Core Values


Solidarity Statement

If you are interested in engaging with The People’s Iftar, whether by hosting, attending or partnering with us, we are here to help make it a reality. We encourage you to customize your offerings to address the strengths and needs of your community. The following priorities, however, must be maintained:



Inclusivity: It is important that The People's Iftar be positive and welcoming for attendees of all racial identities, socio-economic backgrounds, immigration status, gender identities, and sexual orientations. Our communities - Muslim and non-Muslims alike - cannot fight oppression/achieve liberation if we do not fight discrimination in all its forms and recognize the inherent dignity of all humanity, including black, immigrant, queer, transgender, and undocumented people.


Solidarity: The People's Iftars are meant to amplify and uplift Muslim voices, leaders, and grassroots organizations, rather than eclipse/duplicate existing efforts by Muslim groups or other organizations. We will provide unique support for creating a space if an open, inclusive iftar does not exist in your area and/or if you need help connecting to strategic resources. If you are not Muslim, you must partner with a Muslim organization or individual to co-host an iftar.

Giving Back

Giving back: [Zakat refers to the act of giving to those in need and is a significant component of Ramadan.] We have a curated list of highly vetted, effective grassroots organizations leading efforts to address the impact of continual hate and violence.




Creative: Whether it’s choosing the venue for hosting an iftar or deciding what your organization will donate, we encourage you to get creative with how you approach an iftar based on your capacity and community context. While our guide will have some general suggestions and we can provide further guidance individually, we want you to make this your own and bring your friends and family along! .


Safety: The safety and security of our communities, both online and offline, is of utmost importance to us. Please exercise caution based on your venue and any known risk factors. Additionally, be sure to ask for permission before taking a photo or video of strangers at an iftar and posting it on social media.  If you have concerns about incorporating adequate safety measures, please let us know.



If you do not believe in and/or cannot abide by the values outlined above, we understand. In such case, the People’s Iftar and its resources is not a good match. There may be other community iftars better suited for you.